Fox: Justice (new series), Prison Break (S2), the OC (S4), House (S3), Standoff (new series), Vanished (new series)
ABC: Lost (S3), Desperate Housewives (S3), Grey's Anatomy (S3)
UPN: America's Next Top Model (S7)
Bravo: Runway

America's Next Top Model: Wed (8pm), Sep. 20
Desperate Housewives: Sun (9pm), Sep. 24
Grey's Anatomy: Thu (9pm), Sep. 21
House: Tue (9pm), Sep. 5
Justice: Wed (9pm), Aug. 1
Lost: Wed (9pm), Oct. 4
the OC: Thu (9pm), Nov. 2
Prison Break: Mon (8pm), Aug. 21
Runway: Mon, Sep. 25
Standoff: Tue (8pm), Sep. 5
Vanished: Mon (9pm), Aug. 21

Eureka: SciFi, July 18


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