went to see "superman returns" yesterday.

the movie was ok, the special effect was cool, but the plot was ok,
actually, it was kinda borin' for the first half an hour.
the opening was too long...the luv story...hmm...a bit cheesy.
honestly, i dont really like how they set up the story line of lois.
and..lois was just another pretty face in the movie.
so i still luv the Lois that Teri Hatcher played, gee, that's classic!
i mean comm'n, lois wouldnt be lois if she wasnt tough.

personally, i think the only rite thing 'bout this movie was that they picked the rite superman.
i mean, face it, he's just soooooooo much like christopher reeves and he's so handsome and perfect.
he is the perfect superman.
i'm pretty sure all the women who see this movie will luv him!

i'm not gonna spoil the details of the movie,
but i'm pretty positive there's gonna be a sequel,
based on his popularity n the way they set up the story.

so, wut do i think 'bout the movie?....
well, the only thing i can say is.....SUPERMAN is the MAN! i LUV the new Superman!
as for lois, they'd better make her a real character next time,
i dont like the weak Lois Lane!


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