1. "i love my chick" (by Busta Rhymes): a remake of the movie "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"...funnyhttp://mms.sonix.de/universal/urban/bustarhymesftkelis_ilovemychick_uni_300.wmv
2. "a public affair" (by Jessica Simpson): W/Ryan Secreast, Eva Longoria, Christina Millian...http://www.offuhuge.com/videos/JessicaSimpson-PublicAffair.asx
3. "Me & U" (by Cassie): well, she certainly hits n heats up the dance floor!http://www.videocodezone.com/videos/c/cassie/me_u_109231.asx
4. "Buttons" (by PCD): Sizzlin' hot!
5. "London Bridge (Oh Snap)" (by Fergie): funny yet hot...prolly pisses off the british..http://www.offuhuge.com/videos/Fergie-LondonBridgeOhSnap.asx
6. "Promiscuous" (by Nelly Furtado): a very different side of nelly.http://ryoni.com/video/nelly_pro.wmv
7. "Unfaithful" (by Rihanna)
: sooooo hot n sensual!8. "Torn" (by LeToya): the mv was ok...luv the song though.http://hd21.15150.com/mv/2006_7_24/30066_208394.wmv9. "Sexy Back" (by Justin Timberlake): like its title, justin's makin' a comeback!10. "Ain't No Other Men" (by Christina Aguilera): typical christina, gotta sex up everything, ha...11. "Deja Vu" (by Beyonce Knowles): typical beyonce...kinda like a combo of 'crazy in luv' n 'bad boy'..12. "Stars r blind" (by Paris Hilton): dis so much like an AF ad...

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