Gee, im soooooooooooooooo freakin' exhausted!
i just cant sleep...insomnia's killin' me!

the med report is definitely rite-
dont use ur brain 2 hrs b4 headin' to bed.

ive been writin' endless papers, workin' on presentations n thinkin' 'bout statistics,
so my brain barely had time to rest.
I CANT SLEEP n i still have TONS of stuff to do!
4 christ's sake, i really need some goddamned sleep!
just hope this sem is gonna be over soon,
so sick of school, have been studyin almost all my life,
im definitely on the edge rite now!
cant wait to start the internship!
fashion PR, my dream job, sounds like a hell of fun, huh? :-)
dis' where im gonna work: itz gonna turn out fabulous!
anywayz, i know, i know, im actin like a whiner...
but cant really blame me,
if u r a perfectionist, da know.
trust me, perfectionist sometimes really aint koo at all!


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