itz actually kinda scary to drive on the 101 on a fri nite.
fri nite, as we all know, itz the "clubbin" nite.

me, being buried by endless paper writing and that freakin hot weather,
almost went nuts last nite, fri nite.

so i decided to cruise around n race a bit to get that crap outta my system.

it was 1:30 midnite.
guess wut, i was stuck in the traffic! cant u believe it?!

close to downtown, where 101 connects 10, some drunk jerks suddenly stopped in the middle of the fwy,
got outta the car and threw up.
dat aint koo, alrite, morons!
wutz worse was these idiots waz on the fast lane!
finally i got passed them,
there waz more waiting ahead of me.

as i drove forward,
there were shattered glasses n car pieces everywhere.
Scary, huh?!
from far behind, i already saw the flashin' emergency lites and police cars.
as i moved closer,
i saw the broken bumper and wreckages of a car.
finally, there was a white car being upside down, totally a wreck.
i doubt it if the driver n passengers inside made it.
the other car that crashing into the white car was a yellow jeep or a hummer, i didnt get a close look.
anywayz, the whole scene waz just nerve-wreckin' n scared the shxt outta me.

it was educationally effective.
cuz i started to slow down, ha!

so...wutz the lesson here?
be supppppppper careful when u drive on a fri nite, esp. w all those im-so-fuckin-high-n-buzzed jackasses ridin' along.


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