call me luckyive been gettin' some benefits recently...
Duh, aint dat sorta benefits!well,a few days ago, i got pulled off by a cop at in-n-out,
cuz i was so into my thoughts that i didnt notice there was a 3-way stop sign.
so...i played w that innocent look and voice of mine, guess wut..
the cop said, "God, wut should i do w u?"...
i was like, "i'm so sorry, i really didnt notice (which is true), i swear it'll never happen again!"
Then...the nice cop let me get away w it! haha!
i ended up saving my money for the ticket :P

then yesterday,
i went to jamba juice as usual.
i ordered one "melon-ade wave," but i ended up getting 2!
why? i honestly dont know.
but that doesnt matter....who wouldnt want a free jamba juice, rite?!

so, thank u, mr. nice LAPD and jamba juice man!

oh another thing....
Mr. Blockbuster, could you please not chat w me everytime i go into the store?!
dont say, "it's so nice to see you" and expect me to say the same thing back.
i dont like to lie so i cant just say, "me 2."
這樣我很尷尬, ok?...
i could only smile awkwardly.
親愛的百事達店員, ur picking-up line really sucks, ok?!


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