ok, my dadz prolly rite, i'm like a cab driver, ha!
i drove so much n i luv cruisin' around n racing w my baby TSX!
i mean, comm'on, itz LA, how can u not drive?!

here r the things u have to know 'bout drivin' LA:

1. avoid drivin' behind these cars:
* Toyota, esp. Corolla---(toyota peeps r usually conservative driverz)
cuz there r only 2 sorts of corolla driverz.
peeps who drive fast n like to change lanes all the time &
peeps who drive like turtles n never realiz they r blockin everyone!
* Outta state driver--cuz they dunno how to drive! LA's prolly just too fast n too complicated 4 them.
seriously, u really have to be careful w these peeps.
i mean, u prolly cant blame them cuz they dunno the streets,
they usually change routes or lanes all of a sudden...n u can just bump into them!
* luxurious sedans, i.e. Lexus LS, Mercedes S, G35 SEDAN(not coupe)--cuz usually only old ppl can afford n buy this type of cars.
n....old ppl. drive slow!
* VW, esp. the beetle n jetta---jetta driverz r famous 4 their dangerous drivin,
there was even reports on that!
according to my experience in drivin one, i cant blame them.
cuz when u start steppin, it accelerates fast...but not smooth at all.
n only a few secs later, it stops accelerate.
not a powerful car, thats all i can say.
ah....the beetles...well, a girl car. i dont wanna say this, but...
chicks (ok, i'm degradin myself) usually dont drive fast!
* SUV, trucks---well, u know why...itz the universal rule. they r slow n they block ur view.
* American cars--this is more technical n biased, maybe. but...personally, i think american cars r shitty.
ugly n totally NOT fast/furious...so they arent powerful enough to drive fast.
(ok, except the corvettes n some other coupes.)
* convertibles---Surprise? well..they r slow cuz...
the driverz r usually enjoy the sunshine! (or sightseeing...)
after all, itz Cali, rite....why not enjoy the sunshine n winds n streets?...

2. Be prepared to stuck in the traffic for hrs on 101, esp. where 101 meets 110.
itz alwayz a myth why there's almost always traffic on 101...well, i still cant figure that out.
wut i do know is...
* avoid the usual rush hrs, plus--fri & sat nite..the clubbin nite...
clubs in hollywood do attract parti-goers n traffic. itz also dangerous to drive w a bunch of buzzed peeps.
* traffic around downtown r usually the worst. try take another route...or...drive late at nite.

3. traffic: itz ok to drive 10W-101N during the late afternoon, less traffic. but not the other way around.
12-2, 3-7:30 r usually rush hrs for 10E n 101S.

4. Cops: ususally, cops dont usually bother to bust u when u speed on the fwy in LA...
but there r exceptions...
around the end of a month n the very beginning of a month...cuz they need 業績!
n....when u r outta LA..there r lots of cops hiding, so be cautious! i got pulled over on 5N.
5. the most important of all...when u see a silver TSX that says 'SC Jas,' move ur ass outta my way, man!
ha...that is, if u r slow. just dont block my way!

ok, thatz it 4 now....hope u enjoy the lessons. :P

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