ever since i started drivin', i became obsessed w cars.

prolly cuz the culture n environment of LA,
we all have to drive everyday, everywhere.
the ride can be either fast n furious or drop-dead slow.
when there is no traffic, i drive at the speed of 90, average.
and usually, it's easy n normal to go above that n hit 100-110.

plus, there are soooooooo many freakin rich peeps here in LA,
the streets have turned into a big showroom 4 all kinds of cars,
ranging from shitty,trashed cars to those u-can-never-afford-it kind of cars.
Here in LA,
u can see prolly like everything,
like z3, z4, m3, boxter, G35, M35, CLS, SLK 350, TL, RL, TSX, RSX,
350Z, BMW-3, 5, 7, A4, A6, A8, IS 350, RX-8, Corvette, EVO 8, Eclipse n another gazillion types of cars.
the followings r my dream cars--(besides my very own precious TSX, hahaaaaaa....)
1. Acura NSX

2. Nissan Skyline R35

3. Mazda Rx-7 (not 8)
4. Corvette
5. Infiniti G35 coupe
6. Mercedes SLK 350

is the ultimate city of cars.
it's definitely fast n furious!

it's unusual 4 a girl to be obessessed w cars as much as i am,
but i just cant help it!
honestly, if i have money, i'd gone into car modification.
i just luv racing or chillin' out in my customized powerful car w the super-charged stereo system.
gosh, ain't it killin' y'all?!

Cars, cars, cars,
who says diamonds r women's best friends.
for me, my car is my best friend n i cant live a day w/o him!

i swear, one day, when i have the money,
i'm gonna customize a pink but super cool coupe for myself,
n i'm gonna race!
i wanna be part of street race culture!

Now, let's smoke the hell of it!!!
(ha dont get me wrong, this smokin' aint that cigarette or joint-smokin'!
y'all feel me?!)

p.s. i'm freakin' beat now, gonna crash. will upload the pics tmr.

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