Forget 'bout that fu*kin' stupid, asshole highway patrol

(excuz my language, but i really was n still am so fu*kin' mad!),

the trip waz almost perfect.

trust me, i had lost all the faith i had in cops.

all that bs 'bout protectin' the nice n innoncent waz just crap!

they r just a bunch of loserz tryin to get their numbers up at the end of every month!

(i know there r still some good cops, but....i just dont see them too often.)

that jerk totally screwed up my nite.

can sb tell me, who in the hell, gets a freakin' speedin' ticket 4 drivin at 78 on a 65 zone?!

even those stupid trucks were drivin faster than me!

here iz the dialogue.

me: everyone was drivin faster than me!

cop: i dont care 'bout them! (wut the fu*k w that attitude, huh?!)u passed 3 cars. (who in the hell wouldnt pass cars on the hwy)


me: how fast was i drivin'?

cop: 78, almost 80. (80, why would he mention 80 in particular if they dont usually ticket ppl who drive slower than 80)

me: u gotta be kiddin' me! even the trucks drove faster than that.


i waz so pissed that i turned off the engine n hit the emergency lites when i waz supposed to get back on the fwy.

so that asshole walked rite up to me saying,

"wutz ur problem?!" (cant u believe his attitude?!)

me: (my problem is u, u fu*kin' idiot!) i dont feel too well so i dont wanna drive.

cop: get off the fwy n take a rest then.

he shouted, "Letz go!"

even though im a rebel n i waz freakin' pissed,

i didnt wanna end up bein' in jail,

so i left.

but, i was emotionally traumatized.

so im definitely gonna go to court to appeal this.

im gonna tell the judge i waz bein freakin' discriminated!


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