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Forget 'bout that stupid incident
the trip waz almost perfect.

it waz just soooooooooooo great to go on a trip w all my good friends n family...n meet new friends!

Special thanks to Andrea, my sis here in LA, 4 ridin' w me.
Ashley, my dear cousin, 4 lettin' us kick it at her house.
Johnny, one of my oldest SC friends,4 bringin' so much joy to the trip.
Sheena, my best friend in UT, 4 havin' dinner w us.
Welton, a good friend of mine 4 almost a decade (gee, cant believe we r that old!!!),
4 plannin' n leadin' the whole sonoma trip.

Fri nite, Aug 18, Andri n i left my apt in Hollywood around 8:30.
After a long 6-hr drive (n a rough nite), at 2 in the early morning, we finally arrived at Ash's house.
i was beat.
(Ash, thx 4 waitin' up so that we didnt have to sleep in my car 4 the nite:P)
i fell asleep rite after i waz done w the unpackin'.
the sleep waz horrible though...cuz i still couldnt get over w that shitty fwy incident.
trust me, i had lost all the faith i had in cops.
the next day, Andri, me, Ash, her high school classmate-Chia chi n her bf,
we met johnny n his friend, 包子, at the jazz festival at downtown san jose,
it waz around 3:30...
n the place was packed!
even though we have stood there 4 a long time that my legs were sour,
it was still fun, esp. the salsa one.

after leavin' the festival,
we went to the famous NoCal cafe, 夢咖啡, to chill.

Sheena joined us there n had dinner together.

we all had dinner at Tanto (居酒屋), an awesome jap restaurant,
they probably have the best jap food in NoCal.
their udon was fantastic!
the taste waz as gud as its look.

we also ordered 菊水 (a kind of sake?)...
i ended up havin 7 cups w chia-chi's bf, cuz everyone else was already buzzed after 2 or 3 cups...ha
(i aint an alcoholic, shhhhhh!)

the next day, the sonoma trip, waz the highlight of this trip.

--To be Continued--

中文版請靜待強尼兄的翻譯....強尼, 不要有壓力喔, haha...
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  • ashley
  • 我們喝的是純米吟釀等級的清酒, 酒的名字(牌子?)是菊水
  • SoCalJas
  • thatz wut i thought....thx, alcoholic Ash...haha...
  • SoCalJas
  • 強尼....我的翻譯呢....我要催稿喔....
  • Johnny
  • ^___^;;; 週末一定趕出來!!


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