it was a super fun day!
i've always wanted to go to newport...just cuz of the show "the OC" of my favorites..
it's funny that i've been to huntington, north of newport
                       i've been to laguna, south of newport...
but i've never been to newport!
so, since jolin's concert was held in UCI,
i decided to check out newport on my way to the concert.
i havent gone on a trip for some time,
so i was actually hyper when ETTV's Kathy gave me the jolin concert ticket!
Left home around 12:30,
Arrived at newport around 2,
I-5 was a mess as always. but i guess we, Angelenos, have already got used to it.
even though it was kinda cloudy that day, it didnt stop me from having all the fun!
first went to the newport beach visitor bureau to get some local info,
then drove to a small town in balboa...
bought the famous frozen banana, i got a peanut one, it was sooooooooo good!
(not to mention how "obscene" it looked...ha...)
later, waited for the ferry boat to take us to the balboa pier,
where the famous diner in "the OC"....where the OC crew, ryan, marissa, seth, and summer always went.
guess wut,
it was a Ruby's!
kinda disappointed, but still fun.
kicking sands on the beach was so much fun,
too bad it wasnt a sunny day,
otherwise i could just bath in the sun,
that would definitelly feel good!
eventually, stopped by a local cafe, had a "huge" turkey & ham sandwich...
which was expensive and didnt taste too good -___-
then went straight to UCI 4 the jolin concert.
got to UCI around 6,
waited in line 4 like almost 2 hrs..
my legs were sore,
just wanna sit down n get some rest!
Finally, at around 7:45,
we could finally get in.
the show didnt start till 8:45,
but it worthed the wait!
even though personally i wasnt really a fan of jolin,
the concert was great!
she did put efforts into the show n she was good at stirring up the atmosphere,
so in the end, everybody got up the chairs, got on the floor, shaked the body, and busted their moves!
the non-stop dance music kept everyone hyper!
and when xiao chu appeared, sang and danced w. jolin,
it made the peak of the nite.
it was a great concert!
the concert ended around 10:45,
i was happy and satisfied.
hope there's a next's better to be Jay, ha!
photos r on the rite, feel free to check them out~
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