even though i dont count cards,

21 is still a pretty good movie.

one of my favs, actually.


even though i dont gamble,

vegas is still a pretty fun place.

one of my fav get-aways, actually.


as i was watchin 21 all over again tonite,

i couldnt help but think about all those super fun vegas trips.


is like my backyard,

while LA is my home.


i miss LA & vegas soooooooooooo much!

in LA, u can be urself.

in Vegas, u can become anyone u want.


this is the view from the roof top of "ghost bar," the exact same bar where 21 was shot.

so is PH (planet hollywood).


if u watched the movie, then u know wut i mean.


here is a sneak preview of the movie, in case u havent seen it.



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