ok, i've been back to the States for a while,

n yes, i did shop a lot.

by "a lot", i do mean "a LOT"!!!

(just to give u a lil sth for teasing...ha...

pasadena H&M

(btw, oh yeah, im wearing that dylan george skinny i was talkin' 'bout....)

after all, it's been a while, rite?!

but the thing is,

im actually in Dallas working rite now,

long hours actually.


w/ the jetlagging (i know, i know, i suck),

i dont really have the time to post anything yet.


i swear i will.


Will be back to LA next Tue,


stay tuned,

all those exciting shopping, cruising around, going to the beaches, , doing movie hopping, visiting different places, attending different events...

i havent even started yet.


i am really lookin' forward to it,

cant wait!!!




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