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i waz so happi that the semester is finally over,
so i went to my fav AF @ the Grove to celebrate...
guess wut,

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burberry london---the only reason i luv it iz cuz it smells like "jasmine"...which iz supposed to be my signature scent...hehe
Burberry's new fragrance embodies the elegant, yet modern spirit of Burberry London.

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Forget 'bout that fu*kin' stupid, asshole highway patrol

(excuz my language, but i really was n still am so fu*kin' mad!),

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Ok, ok, ok,
i admit, i am an alcoholic, so is my cousin, Ash.
so, like Ash said,

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Forget 'bout that stupid incident
the trip waz almost perfect.

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well, i think im a very versatile person when it comes to style.
most of the time, i go 4 the casual sexy AF style...
n sometimes, im a hip-hop girl, with cap, accessories n stuff..

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ok, i know i probably look pretty fashion-savvy n all...
but believe it or not, i didnt get my ears pierced till last wk!
i was honestly so scared when i walked into claire's,
but it was all good.

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ok, im just gonna write this in chinese...
cuz this is sth really chinese, or, i should say...Asian.

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Ok, last thur n fri were my first days at the fashion industry.
fashion industry is fun but crazy.
itz super fun to be surrounded by clothes, accessories n stuff...

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ok, my dadz prolly rite, i'm like a cab driver, ha!
i drove so much n i luv cruisin' around n racing w my baby TSX!
i mean, comm'on, itz LA, how can u not drive?!

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1. "i love my chick" (by Busta Rhymes): a remake of the movie "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"...funnyhttp://mms.sonix.de/universal/urban/bustarhymesftkelis_ilovemychick_uni_300.wmv
2. "a public affair" (by Jessica Simpson): W/Ryan Secreast, Eva Longoria, Christina Millian...http://www.offuhuge.com/videos/JessicaSimpson-PublicAffair.asx
3. "Me & U" (by Cassie): well, she certainly hits n heats up the dance floor!http://www.videocodezone.com/videos/c/cassie/me_u_109231.asx
4. "Buttons" (by PCD): Sizzlin' hot!

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Gee, im soooooooooooooooo freakin' exhausted!
i just cant sleep...insomnia's killin' me!

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