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Rach and i have made a pact of goin' to the oc again ever since our last busy, exciting trip.
We were excited about goin' to the beaches and enjoying the fabulous socal sunshine...
but, God could always find a way to screw things up.
it was so hot n sunny the day b4 our trip..
who could have thought there was gonna be a storm the day we headed to the beaches!
just how unlucky we were!
anyways, this time, our schedule wasnt tied up,
so we took our time cruising around.
in one day, we've been to the huntington beach, newport beach and laguna beach.
last time when i was @ huntington w Johnny n Becky, i had a butterfly tattoo somewhere around my shoulder,
this time, i had a flowery tattoo on the bottom of my back,
actually i wanted it to be close to my hip, but w/ tons of ppl walkin by n watchin,
i guess i couldnt really do that.
trust me, having a body paint there really is a pain!
in order to let it dry,
i basically had to walk w my hands holdin my top up to somewhere just a bit down my boobs,
it sucked!
i felt like i was half naked,
not to mention that everyone was staring at me or shouting "hey babe" as i walked by.
(thank god i dont really have a fat belly or tummy rite now,
otherwise i couldnt imagine how ugly it would look!)
so, i ended up goin into almost every store that we passed by just to avoid the embarrassment.
(yes, i'm a pretty open person, but excuse me, i aint that open!)
finally, it dried out n i could finally put my shirt down n had a decent lunch at BJ's.
ah, the Great White pizza there was amazing!
after lunch we headed to the other two beaches...
nuthing too exciting though,
prolly cuz it was cloudy n i had been there b4...
but it still felt good, just freakin' relaxed!
our last stop was the Block @ Orange.
i had to give my navigation system a hi5! why?...
cuz when i keyed in the block on my navi,
the result actually came out!
i didnt even have the add, intersections, numbers, nuthing!
i was so impressed by my navi,
all i could say was, Acura, good job!
anyways, we headed to the Block.
it's a special place n it's pretty much like my favorite the grove.
i luv it!
That concluded our journey.
Next Stop, Malibu.
God, i just luv the beaches!

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  • May 21 Sun 2006 07:35
  • 置頂 D&B

Ever since my first time at D&B, it has officially become one of my favorite stress-relief places in LA.
Whenever i feel stressed, i go there, have a few drinks, and shoot the hell of zombies out.
on my way home, i'd just turn on the music to the max, open the windows, sunroof, sing along and shake my body w/ the loud music, and race!
it just feel so freakin' great!
Santa Anita:
400 S. Baldwin Ave.
Ste 930-U
Arcadia, CA
(626) 802-6115

Power Hour ™
Mon-Fr 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Happy Hour
Mon-Fr 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Late Night Happy Hour
Sun-Thurs 10:00 pm - Close

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