last thu waz full of surprises.
first, my boss handed me an invite to a jewlery party,
n later i got a pair of shoes, a free eye liner, n some other small stuff...
that waz good enough, rite?!
there was more!
close to the end of the day, my boss walked to me and said...
after u r done w this, let's go get u some clothes!~
i was like...WUTTTTTT?!
guess she saw the confusion written all over my face,
she said...
we have some clothes in the back, u can go take a few pieces home.
me: REALLY?!!!!!!!!!!!
my boss now looked like the angel from heaven, ha...

trust me, u wont believe how many clothes they had...
so i prolly spent like an hour picking out the ones i want.
guess wut,
i ended up taking prolly more than pieces!
it was like i went shopping~

oh yeah, i'm luving it, i'm luving everything in this industry!
this is def sth i was born into n breathe everyday!

fashion rules!

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