this is wut we call Cali

Blue Sky, Sunshine, White Sand, Ocean- this is California!

i didnt do any retouch on this photo,

cuz the photo itself is perfect already.


while i was stayin' in the office in tw whole day w/o a window to look out to,

i felt suffocated and I had the sudden urge to fly back to LA,

just to breathe the fresh air, feel the cool breeze,

just to lie on the beach and get tanned.

i miss the SUNSHINE!!!


Taiwan, seriously, is NOT a place to live.

w hot weather like this,

i had headaches every single day.

the heat, the crowds u see everywhere u turn, the almost non-existent space between ppl,

i really just need an open space to breathe.


Freedom, that's wut Cali is screaming!


It's about time.



here's the video of Katy Perry's "California Gurls",

i luv the song cuz it's pretty right on n totally speaks my mind.

the video itself is kinda racy n disappointing,

cuz i was expecting a really SoCal video rather than sth that's soooo.....cartoon-ish or fairytale-like?


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