(Academically) Desperate me at the Grove, looking at Desperate Housewive Teri Hatcher!

It's not even thanksgiving yet,
the grove is already celebrating Xmas...how weird!
i went to the Grove to study today...
knew Teri Hatcher was gonna be there,
so while taking a break from studying,
i left B&N to take a walk...
there, i saw Teri, rehearsing for the event tonite.
She was in a floral dress, elegant yet sexy.
She wasnt too different from her onscreen looks.
She was there early, nice, and friendly.
So, ppl were just flashing their cameras on and on.
I took lots of shots.
i was lucky when i saw her there at that time.
cuz after i called it off for the day,
i could hardly get out of BN.
there were peeps everywhere!
by everywhere, i did mean everywhere.
totally packed!
i could barely walk.
and of course, there was absolutely no way to get a sight of her, or anything!
It was crazy fun and pretty.
Teri, luv ya!

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