it's been a while...

since my last post..
ppl r probably wondering where the heck i have been...
well, its been a super busy week...
finals, packing, moving, cleaning up the house, car accident, and the visit from my parents.
things have been crazy.
its been like a roller-coaster ride.
im mentally n physically hurt.
the joint of my right arm has been serioiusly injured...
could hardly raise my arm or carry anything.
guess ill have to go to the doc sometime soon.
its good to finally be alone.
its good to finally enjoy the moment of myself.
(despite the fact that my parents r here that im not necessarily alone...
but still...i get to have my quiet moments)
never thought lying in bed to watch my favorite TV shows alone can be such a luxury.
never thought it'd feel so peaceful, at last.
maybe this is what it is meant to be.
alone, in the dark.
totally free.
im born to be a free spirit,
dont u, i mean anyone....dare to control me..
and remember,
DONT ever ever MESS with me,
u have no idea what im capable of!
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