I went to Jolin's press conference today...
she was like sooooooooooo small!(and i was like soooo fxxking fat standing next to her)
dont wanna comment on her "accent" or english..
yeah, in person,
she looked good~
she's sooooooooo skinny!
i have to thank Cathy for the jolin concert tickets!
i'll be sitting at the VIP zone, cuz we represent ETTV, ha!
hope it's gonna be a fun nite!
照片請參見the photos section~
(請別再跟我說不夠清楚...我已經坐在第一排了, 她的面前...只是燈光太暗,
p.s. see how fat i was?! i honestly dont look that fat in person
but i guess i definitely need a diet to look good in pics~

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