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this is probably the only boyfriend jeans i'd buy.

it's not that slouchy like current elliot's,

but it also has that relaxed, edgy feel to it.


the only drawback i'd say about this pair is it's material.

它用的是比較硬,厚的布料, 讓褲子看起來比較挺, (比較類似於william rast, true religion的布料)

所以在炎熱的台灣, 相對來說穿起來感覺就比較熱.

but other than that,

i have no complaint.


只是這種褲子就是要穿痞的, 想穿sexy一點都很難...

穿不好的話還會像賣菜的 or 乞丐, lol....


AG ex-boyfriend

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i've been trying to come up w/ a theme for my upcoming b-day party...

it's not an easy task to come up w/ a theme that everybody is able to pull it off w the clothes they already have in their closets but still cool enough to be different....

glad i found this site to give me sth to think 'bout...

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Paige Premium Denim Skyline Dr Ankle Peg in McKinley


this pair is super comfy and u can wear it under any occasion....probably one of the most functional pair of jeans that can go w anything!!!

lots of celebs r fans of the line, whether it's full length or ankle peg, ppl just luv them!!!

different washes though.

blake-lively-paige.jpg paige skyline dr paige skyline dr paige skyline dr

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Dylan George Alexandra Flare in Czar

here is how it looks....

btw, it's soooooo comfy n soft!!!

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Ok, Dylan George is officially my new fav denim brand!!!

OMG, look at that wash n how it fits every celeb!!!

here's a brief intro of the brand "Dylan George"

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so that it will be more convincing....u'll know wut they look like on real, ordinary people.


here's me in J Brand Lovestory (in Ink wash).


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i dunno wut's wrong w me,

but it seems that i just cant get enough of jeans!!!

im a total sucker for denim!!!


so, despite the fact that im practically broke,

i still bought a few pairs.

(some of them were bought a couple of months ago, it's just that i never really had the time to update, so i'm adding them here)


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昨天看了一下這個fall的TV series line up,


(ok, i know i'm a total sucker for american tv shows....)


(but personally im not really into comedies, so dont expect to find comedies on my watch list, lol)


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