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Went to see 'Blood Diamond' two days ago,
i knew it would be a good one..cuz critics have all been giving it positive feedback...
but i was still surprised by how great Leonardo DiCaprio's performance was!
honestly, i think this is his best performance ever.
yeah, 'the departed' was good enough, but this one, he totally exploited his potential n brought it into full play.

if u like DiCaprio, u should definitely check it out. n if u dont esp. like him, u'll fall in luv w him in this one.

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im not really a boba milk tea fan,
i mean, im not against it, i just dont esp like it.
but seriously,
volcano tea's jasmine milk tea totally changed how i feel about milk tea,
i had no idea a really nice milk tea can be so good n addictive!

i remember the first time my friend took me there n told me they had the best boba milk tea,
i didnt really take it seriously...cuz i thought....
comin' from tw, the origin of boba milk tea, i should have tasted all the good ones...
n none of them really impressed me.
so, how different can it be..all milk tea tastes the same, rite?!
but then when i had my first sip...i was like...OMG! this is really good!
i had absolutely no idea how good a milk tea could be!
ever since that sip, i became obsessed w their jasmine milk tea!
(n of course, part of the reason i like it is cuz it's JASMINE...my name...j/k)

So today, i went there w my friend and bought 2 cups,
cuz one is never enough! 

(shoot...can u believe that i'm actually shooting a milk tea? hilarious, huh?!)

oh, for those who r interested, it's on:
2111 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025


  • Mon-Thu, Sun 11:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m.
  • Fri-Sat 11:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m.

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  • Dec 11 Mon 2006 16:39
  • 置頂 2046

Director Kar Wai Wong's movies r known for its ambiguity, vagueness, artisticness n depth,
i was told that they were hard to understand,
so i was never that interested in checkin' out...since i'm not really the artsy type.
(yeah, i am, kind of...'before sunrise' n 'before sunset' r my favorites...but...im just not that artsy, u know..)

but one day, the prof of the 'international entertainment markeplace' showed us a clip of Kar Wei Wong's '2046,'
i became intrigued....(how ironic...my 'American' prof. introduced me to a Chinese film..)
n since my blockbuster movie list was empty, 
i added '2046.'

to my surprise, when i was watching the movie last nite,
i was totally drawn into it.

to me, Wong's filming technique's so different from the hollywood-type of technique that i'm used to.
he's so european, visual n artsy.
the music also played an important role....w/o the music, the movie wouldnt be as affectionate. 
it was so well-selected that it still lingers.
the story was deep n soulful...
that u really need to put ur heart into it to understand all the different, intricate, intertwined emotions of complex characters.
the story was so real that ppl could always find a way to relate to it..emotionally...
yet it was also so tragically beautiful that it almost seemed unreal.

the incredible performance of tony leung n everyone else just intensified n perfected the movie.
i was so touched by the scene between tony n ziyi zhang that i could feel her pain.
it was almost too painful to watch.
her pain was the heart-broken, unspeakable, exquisite kind of pain that would put u on an emotion roller-coaster ride n could not extricate. 
my heart was aching w her.
i couldnt help but  think of the famous quote from Ethan Hawke's 'Great Expectations'...
"This is my heart, can you feel it?"

"Everyone who goes to 2046 has the same intention, they want to recapture lost memories. Because in 2046 nothing ever changes. But, nobody knows if that is true or not because no-one has ever come back. "
"In love you can't bring on a substitute."
"Why can't it be like it was before?"
"Love is all a matter of timing."
"The only thing left for me... was to give up."

"All memories are traces of tears."

In the end...i was lost in thoughts, lost in memories, n lost in translation.

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  • Dec 09 Sat 2006 13:17
  • 置頂 Luv

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